Mantis is cognitive cartography.

Traditionally, computers store knowledge in tables. Lists of files and folders, sorted by metadata like dates and file size.

Humans think differently. Our memory is associative - mentioning one idea causes you to think about similar ones. Gradually, over lifetimes, we build up maps of knowledge, storing all the concepts, people and projects we know about.

Until now, these maps have been completely hidden. A good teacher leads a student through their well-worn cognitive space, but the student feels they are in uncharted lands. A good team explores together, but others struggle to align and find their shared destination. Paths from where you are, to what you want to be, are muddy and unclear. We’re all flying blind.

We aim to use the internal representations learned by LLMs to build these navigable spaces of knowledge - what Google Maps is for the physical world, we hope to be for the digital. A platform for exploring data in cognitive space.

Our first product will be released in 2024. Email for more information.